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  1. Obviously the AP's chart maker had things exactly backward.
  2. The album recently entered the Billboard chart at No . 13.
  3. Just watch these guys climb the record charts after this exhibition.
  4. The album entered the Billboard pop charts at No . 40.
  5. We have a more defined depth chart than in the past,
  6. It's difficult to find chart in a sentence.
  7. At the top of the charts are those crazy emerging markets.
  8. He read it on the field and on the depth chart.
  9. Most parts stores post charts listing wiper lengths for each model.
  10. Unlike Ross Perot productions, this infomercial has no pie charts.
  11. He is a senior defensive end deep on the depth chart.
  12. Our charts are endless on the Jets'defense ."
  13. A second chart accompanying the tax proposal eliminates the taxes paid.
  14. No matter the city, homicide charts tell the same story.
  15. On each skipper's chart table is a laptop computer.
  16. They see a few charts by us and they get frightened.
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