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  1. Dock number three is long, wide and a depth below chart datum of.
  2. The chart datum varies according to the standard used by each national Hydrographic Office.
  3. Dock number four is long, wide and has a depth below chart datum of.
  4. Depths are measured from the chart datum, which is related to the local sea level.
  5. BREMERHAVEN Container Terminal's navigation channel will soon have a water depth of 14m below chart datum.
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  7. These predictions are given in feet or meters, with respect to the chart datum for average meteorological conditions.
  8. The main navigation channel is dredged to below chart datum, and a depth of up to alongside the quay.
  9. Storm surge was significant in Hong Kong and the water level was 17'9 " above chart datum in some places.
  10. There are two berthing facilities 70 and 80 meters long respectively, with existing water depth of 6 meters below chart datum.
  11. The main navigation channel is dredged to 14.5 metres below chart datum, with a maximum depth of 15 metres alongside the quay.
  12. On the inner side of the secondary breakwater, a commercial quay 334m long is located with an available water depth of 10.15m below chart datum.
  13. Number two dock ( Queen Elizabeth Dock ) is the largest graving dock and is long, wide and a has depth below chart datum of.
  14. The access channel to the port provides ship a water depth of 14.95m below chart datum and a channel width between the breakwaters of 210m.
  15. Inside the basin, a 225m long ore-loading quay is located to the deeper section of the harbour basin with a water depth of 12.95m below chart datum.
  16. Its water depth is less than at chart datum . a small semicircular south facing bay, 1 km wide at the mouth, widening to 2 km inside.
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