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  1. Some drug therapies will have a dosing chart based on age.
  2. The song also charted on Adult Pop Songs charts based on radioplay.
  3. With this policy change, a song could chart based on digital downloads alone.
  4. It also peaked number four on the Irish Singles Chart based on UK success.
  5. The third phase will allow anyone to make lists and charts based on the statistics.
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  7. Drag a Numbers spreadsheet onto Charts and it opens a new chart based on your figures.
  8. The name appears on a chart based on a survey by Discovery Investigations personnel in 1930.
  9. It also reached # 27 on the main Ultratop 50 chart based on actual record sales.
  10. Currently, the Philippines doesn't have an official music chart based on sales and airplay.
  11. The name appears on a chart based upon surveys by DI personnel in the period 1926-30.
  12. The dispute is whether or not to include a chart based on a study of effectiveness for psychoanalysis.
  13. The album quickly climbed the charts based on renewed interest in her single " Only Time ."
  14. It was after this report in the 1920s that Language Experience Charts based on children s experiences were initiated.
  15. Taken from Sugarland's 2007 tour, it reached number 28 on the country chart based on unsolicited airplay.
  16. Engineers record the flight data and create performance charts based on the behavior of the aircraft during the test flights.
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