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  1. The upside is Alex's charcoaled lamb chops.
  2. He was surrounded by the charcoaled hulks of hills, talking about needless death and perseverance.
  3. Three of them are appetizers, like charcoaled shrimp with simmered artichokes, basil and pomegranate seeds.
  4. Among the other pieces, there were charcoaled versions of classical designs such as Gaudi, Campana Brothers.
  5. Eighty pounds gone, eyes leadened and skin charcoaled, he looked like a shrunken voodoo doll of his former self.
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  7. Over the mantel-piece had been charcoaled'Rascal'; over the pier-table,'Abolitionist . '"
  8. The shish taouk ( LE 10.50 for seven large pieces ) is moist and exceptionally tender, with pleasantly charcoaled edges.
  9. His steaks, grilled over fragrant mesquite, have more than just a charcoaled flavor _ you can taste the pungent tang of the wood smoke.
  10. After stirring up a ruckus with vegetarians by filtering water through charcoaled cattle bones, an English utility said Tuesday it's looking for less controversial ways to keep the supply clean.
  11. The Bengali gourmands now get into conversation over Beluga, smoked salmon, Lemon Morangue, Charcoaled Haddock and many more delectable food items that so far had been confined within the colourful World of 007.
  12. After the charcoaled cows made news last summer, Yorkshire Water had said it could not cater to the " individual dietary needs or individual religious, ethical or medical needs " of all customers.
  13. At the former Lewis Furniture shop, on Kingsway, the showroom floor _ once filled with sofas, coffee tables and recliners, was a sea of charcoaled debris, except for blackened but still intact wrought-iron pieces.
  14. Among many methods tested, a possibility of salvaging the herbicides by reprocessing and filtering out the 2, 3, 7, 8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin ( TCDD ) contaminant with carbonized ( charcoaled ) coconut fibers.
  15. When the Texas wide receiver charcoaled some of his upperclassmen teammates with some stinging critiques without calling names on the heels of the Longhorns'come-from-ahead, 30-27 loss to Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, ears perked up and eyebrows raised.
  16. The white duck with mango-honey glaze, charcoaled vegetables and sweet potato-vanilla bean puree ( $ 21 ) and the yellowtail snapper with toasted garlic, lime juice, pumpkin-scented rice and conch fritters ( $ 25 ) are fine entree choices.
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