char d2 in a sentence

  1. Belgium, and something similar happened for the Char D2.
  2. The type resembled the suspension of the earlier Char D1 and Char D2.
  3. The "'Char G1 "'was a French replacement project for the Char D2 medium tank.
  4. Nevertheless, the Char D2 units fought tenaciously during the Battle of France, losing most of their tanks to mechanical breakdown instead of enemy action.
  5. In 1930, at a time the Char D1 had not even entered production, the Renault company agreed to build a better armoured version called the Char D2.
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  7. The FT was the ancestor of a long line of French tanks : the FT K間resse, the NC1, the NC2, the Char D1, and the Char D2.
  8. It had been assumed that the lighter Char D2 could be quickly produced as an interim type, to speed the formation of the first Infantry armoured division of the Infantry.
  9. Soon however, the plan to send the company to Norway was cancelled as the reports of the previous winter clearly showed that the Char D2 was unsuited to snow conditions.
  10. In August 1938 a commission arrived from Poland, investigating whether the Char D2 could be produced for that country, using an export credit of a billion franc that Poland had obtained in September 1936 to procure French weaponry.
  11. On 25 August 1939, the " Atelier de Rueil " presented to the " Commission de Vincennes " an advanced prototype of a tail destined for the Char D2, fitted with a towing hook and inbuilt jack.
  12. On 14 April the plan was approved and in May Louis Renault was contacted, who agreed to develop this type as the " Char D2 ", together with a colonial tank, the Char D3, which would closely resemble its sister project.
  13. Analogous to the " Char B1 bis " designation for the similarly improved second Char B1 version, some internal unit documents in 1940 began to refer to the second series as the " Char D2 bis ", but this was never an official name.
  14. Within three days the tail was sent back, however : it had been forgotten that due to its novel construction the Char D2 possessed no real girders at the back to secure the rivets; when they had to carry the entire weight of the tank, the rivets tore themselves from the armour plate.
  15. Both sides managed to influence procurement policy to the end that not enough tanks were built of either category, to the exasperation of men like Colonel Charles de Gaulle who wanted to build more of the medium Char D2, with a third of the cost of the Char B1 bis, but armed with the same 47 mm gun.

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