char 2c in a sentence

  1. The Char 2C was one of the largest tanks ever produced.
  2. At first, the production order for the Char 2C was cancelled.
  3. However, his design remained in competition with the superheavy Char 2C until the end of the war.
  4. The Char 2C could cross a trench 425 centimetres wide, enough to pass the typical canal sluices in northern France.
  5. A last development was the superheavy Char 2C, the largest tank ever to see service, be it some years after the armistice.
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  7. Much design effort was put in this line of development resulting in the gigantic Char 2C, the most complex and technologically advanced tank of its day.
  8. The Medium Mark I was the first tank to see " mass " production since the last of the ten Char 2C's had been finished in 1921.
  9. Twelve were ordered in 1940 to replace the Char 2C, but France was defeated before construction could begin, a wooden mock-up being all that was finished.
  10. At FCM Jammy and Savatier finished the Char 2C prototype, the other nine tanks being built almost simultaneously; all ten were delivered in 1921 and modified by the factory until 1923.
  11. As a fallback plan, FCM also was considering the use of the similarly octagonal and welded F4 turret, developed from that of the Char 2C and equipped with the standard 75 mm field gun.
  12. In 1926, the later " Champagne " was modified into the "'Char 2C bis "', an experimental type with a 155 mm howitzer in a cast steel turret.
  13. The German infantry of the 10th Company, IR 217 were routed when they saw that the had little effect on the French heavy tanks, claiming to have been attacked by French bombers and Char 2C ( Giant Tanks ).
  14. During these months he cooperated with Renault in developing the Renault FT, and tried to block efforts by General Mourret to mass-produce superheavy tanks ( the later Char 2C ), which threatened to swallow the available production capacity.
  15. On the other hand, a design to equal the climbing and crossing mobility of even the old Char 2C would likely result in a 150-200 ton behemoth, of which even the components of a modular design would be impractical to transport.
  16. After the first British use of heavy tanks on 15 September 1916 during the Battle of the Somme, the French military still pondered whether a large number of light tanks would be preferable to a smaller number of superheavy tanks ( the later Char 2C ).
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