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  1. You pick up your remote control and select the Hallmark channel.
  2. My son sublimely changed the TV channel to Monday Night Football.
  3. Across the channel in France, the shock also was great.
  4. Only 80 million Asian TV homes receive more than three channels.
  5. That many channels of programming are not yet available, however.
  6. It's difficult to find channel in a sentence.
  7. The video networks are expected eventually to offer hundreds of channels.
  8. Oakley and McDaniel and Harper would be pacifists on those channels.
  9. The deliberate straightening of some channels has added to the simplification.
  10. -- Sharks ! : The Discovery Channel, $ 50.
  11. The folks at cable TV's Discovery Channel know this.
  12. The Muzak on the channel is rotated about once a month.
  13. But at present, PrimeStar offers only about 70 channel options.
  14. Gingrich said on National Empowerment Television, a conservative cable channel.
  15. And inevitably, the result would be just another commercial channel.
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