changing in a sentence

"changing" meaning  "changing" in Chinese  
  1. She said she loved him and felt sure he would change.
  2. If he makes a change, hopefully that knack will continue.
  3. I think maybe this has changed something in them, too,
  4. I didn't expect the system to change for me.
  5. There are lots of examples of change in now private factories.
  6. It's difficult to find changing in a sentence.
  7. Not much changes, and I thought we handled it well.
  8. But that was not enough to offset the changes they underwent.
  9. The changes have hit blue-collar workers and managers alike.
  10. Her name has been changed in this article at her request.
  11. Such change is difficult to achieve with psychotherapy, he said.
  12. The seamen said the mission off Haiti has changed their outlook.
  13. While the music plays, the pictures on the screen change.
  14. And if not, how do we need to change them?
  15. And I don't want that to change ."
  16. These days people change their identity for political reasons to survive.
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