changer in a sentence

"changer" meaning  "changer" in Chinese  
  1. That was a little bit of a changer, right there.
  2. A fickle reputation is another peril for Japanese job-changers.
  3. You may not find a more satisfying CD changer than this.
  4. More and more new cars are coming equipped with CD changers.
  5. No more cradling a channel-changer instead of a basketball.
  6. It's difficult to find changer in a sentence.
  7. Rear tire carrier Darren Jolly and front tire changer Shane Parsnow.
  8. He's kept his old job as front tire changer.
  9. A six-disc in-dash CD changer is optional.
  10. She also knows what a life-changer computers can be.
  11. "It's perfect for career changers ."
  12. If they had a channel changer, they would have clicked.
  13. He's a game-changer in the field ."
  14. No detentions of money changers have been reported since that time.
  15. Arsil Moein, a director of Ayumas Money Changer on Jl.
  16. I think the big money changers are enjoying much bigger profits.
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