change rights in a sentence

"change rights" in Chinese  
  1. But we are not ready to make a change right now.
  2. I just think we need to make a change right now.
  3. But a change right now isn't necessarily the answer.
  4. But don't expect such an attitude change right away.
  5. He doesn't plan to make major changes right away.
  6. It's difficult to find change rights in a sentence.
  7. The net effect of pending changes right now is very limited.
  8. Enrico said he doesn't plan any big changes right away.
  9. I hope that many people can all get the chord changes right.
  10. Our business is in the process of changing right now.
  11. The decision was made to make a change right now.
  12. Austin's politics have been changing right along with the economy.
  13. As jazz evolved, dance changed right along with it.
  14. There's nothing I want to change right now.
  15. But don't expect things to change right away.
  16. But there's no changes right now ."
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