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  1. It also documents the processes used for receiving and processing change requests.
  2. Causey's legal team expected to file a similar venue change request Monday.
  3. Parker estimates the commissary receives 78 diet change requests a day.
  4. After 2004 German Deutsche Bahn took over the responsibility for the change request.
  5. He submitted a change request to rename the article " Female Circumcision ".
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  7. The Change Requests could go before the Administrators on say a Monthly basis.
  8. On 17 November 2011 it was announced Ofcom approved two format change requests.
  9. :You only have three edits, including the name change request.
  10. The change request did not involve having the " Syriac people " page removed.
  11. On 17 November 2011, Ofcom approved both format change requests.
  12. *I made a name change request a long time ago, but received no reply.
  13. I've been getting password change requests a couple of times a week for months now.
  14. Yarkoni said the route change request was under consideration.
  15. The two format change requests were approved in November.
  16. "' Delegated administration "'describes the decentralization of IT teams become burdened with menial role-change requests.
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