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  1. Gore seized on a new climate change report to highlight his environmental agenda.
  2. Through registered filing agents, public companies file documents such as prospectuses, financial statements and material change reports.
  3. They were called upon for use in rapid vetting of a draft climatic change report in a crowd-sourcing mode.
  4. The 1995 UN International Panel on Climate Change report said the warming would be 1.5 to 4.5 degrees Celsius.
  5. The organisation was wound up and disbanded in November 1992 following a review prompted by the government's Options for Change report.
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  7. An admin user can publish new template queries, change report pages and create public lists at any time without any programming.
  8. In 2014 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report warned that bees faced increased risk of extinction because of global warming.
  9. The 1995 UN International Panel on Climate Change report said the warming would be 1 . 5 to 4 . 5 degrees Celsius.
  10. Cooney and his role in editing climate change reports were referenced in the documentaries : " An Inconvenient Truth ", " Everything's Cool ".
  11. Republic Services earned a score of 98 for Disclosure and an A-Band for performance in the CDP S & P 500 Climate Change Report 2015.
  12. His results figured in the climate-change and sea-level sections of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports, which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.
  13. :" World Climate Report, a concise, hard-hitting and scientifically correct response to the global change reports which gain attention in the literature and popular press.
  14. In November 2016 Republic Services was added to the Climate A List by the Carbon Disclosure Project ( CDP ) in the CDP 2016 Global Climate Change Report.
  15. The Global Environmental Change Report reported on Feb . 24 that although American Pacific was pleased with the FAA approval it was still awaiting approval from the military.
  16. Therefore, Between 2004 and 2006, Egypt had submitted design information for the HPP and had provide inventory change reports ( ICRs ) with respect to the acceptance tests.
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