change remains in a sentence

  1. The precise circumstances under which the stories apparently changed remains unclear.
  2. Whether or not that brings fundamental change remains to be seen.
  3. The exact nature and rate of global climate change remains contentious.
  4. The rule change remains in effect, though subject to modifications.
  5. Whether we see a similar change remains to be seen.
  6. It's difficult to find change remains in a sentence.
  7. But whether things will really change remains to be seen.
  8. All these changes remain subject to approval by the SEC.
  9. Many of these changes remain divisive among the Catholic faithful.
  10. A list of updates is available, but many changes remain unreported.
  11. Even so, the shore zone changes remain in limbo.
  12. Climate and climate change remain important areas of study for NCAR scientists.
  13. The physiological mechanism behind the skin texture change remains unknown.
  14. How much it will change remains to be seen.
  15. Economic change remains slow, stubborn and painfully inadequate.
  16. Whether or not that changes remains to be seen.
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