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  1. I also tried changing region configurations but it makes no difference.
  2. Then the statement " blitrect " copies a region of an image into a changed region.
  3. Other applications include replacing copyright or corporate logos, and changing region coding and / or copy protection, for example.
  4. Additionally, the university has developed programs to assist students whose previous educational experiences have inadequately prepared them for the demands of a rapidly changing region and future.
  5. In addition to the five seats shifted in those states, six more also changed regions ( two each from Pennsylvania and New York, one each from Connecticut and Mississippi ).
  6. It's difficult to find change region in a sentence.
  7. As a writer, he won the 2008 National Outdoor Book Award ( Nature and the Environment category ) for " The Great Lakes : The Natural History of a Changing Region ".
  8. In signs still striking by the standards of today's changing region, Arab leaders will come to show their support for Israel in dramatic testimony to how far the peace process has already come.
  9. This leads to a more object oriented search than previous methods and outperforms other detectors due to non blurring of the images, an ability to ignore slowly changing regions and a broader definition of surface geometry properties.
  10. The laws regulated where, when and for how long persons could remain outside their  homeland  which, for many people, was not their homeland, so thousands of autochthon people were forced to change region.
  11. Since the North American free-trade deal went through, America's vision of its southern neighbors has seemed to stretch no farther than Haiti and Cuba : awkward problems, but essentially limited ones in a huge and changing region.
  12. He is the author of Post-NAFTA North America : Reshaping the Economic and Political Governance of a Changing Region, published by Palgrave / Macmillan ( U . K ), in 2008, and the editor of National Solutions to Trans-Border Problems ?.

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