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  1. On June 21, 2008 "'Eminent Profane "'was released on Spare Change Records.
  2. In 2005, she changed record company and signed to Warner Music Spain.
  3. He co-owns and operates You've Changed Records along with Daniel Romano.
  4. Their 3rd album, Landmark, was released May 15, 2012 on You've Changed Records.
  5. Baby Eagle ) of the Constantines, formed their own label, You've Changed Records.
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  7. But the oil change record would have given it every out.
  8. :: : Bots watch IRC channels that have change records flowing through them.
  9. In 1983 the band changed record labels to Mistlur and released two albums.
  10. Covenant spent 1999 touring, changing record labels, and on the preparation of another album.
  11. Combs said such freezes were " very common " when plans changed record keepers.
  12. However, the band had begun writing much of the material before changing record labels.
  13. Last fall she started Pocket Change Records, based in Houston.
  14. We do suspect he was changing records of other individuals,
  15. After recording for Columbia Records, in 1966 Ford changed record label to Piccadilly Records.
  16. "We've changed records by ( rapper ) Da Brat.
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