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  1. Central bankers next gather to consider changing rates on Feb . 4-5.
  2. "We don't see any tendencies that could force us to change rates,"
  3. The central bank bypassed the chance to change rates again in May.
  4. The bank has changed rates six times so far in 1996.
  5. The ECB is widely expected not to change rates, given the weaker euro.
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  7. The Fed's policymakers next meet to consider changing rates on Nov . 13.
  8. Under current rules it takes almost a year to change rates.
  9. They didn't change rates at a policy meeting Aug . 22.
  10. It last changed rates in June, 2003, when it made a half-point cut.
  11. It said in August it would pause before changing rates again.
  12. Under current rules it takes nearly a year to change rates.
  13. It last changed rates March 25, raising the target rate 25 basis points.
  14. They held off changing rates when they met in May.
  15. The policy-making Federal Open Market Committee meets today to decide whether to change rates.
  16. The strike in 1946 was about changing rates for the piece-rate portion of workers'pay.
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