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  1. The change purse is fat with it and weighs down the shoulder bag.
  2. Inside are Leiber standards, a comb, a mirror and a little change purse.
  3. I left my change purse containing cash, credit card and MetroCard in a taxi.
  4. _" I have an imaginary change purse that I keep with me all the time.
  5. "If I don't have this little change purse, I'm lost ."
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  7. The Olsens designed an Olsenboye Change Purse in 2011 and donated the money to " Pennies From Heaven ".
  8. Riders are invited to drop a few coins in a cup or change purse, but no pressure is applied.
  9. It's not enough that the customer goes elbow-deep into his change purse to buy the product.
  10. Mary-Kate and Ashley designed an Olsenboye Change Purse in 2011 and donated the money to " Pennies From Heaven ".
  11. The kitschy change purse, a staple of many a man's keychain decades ago, has been popping up in all sorts of odd places.
  12. It's barely bigger than a quarter and can still cause confusion in the dark recesses of a bulging change purse when the pressure is on to count fast.
  13. Another ad has a simulated image from an airport X-ray machine, with one briefcase holding a passport, cell phone, change purse and a copy of Bloomberg Personal.
  14. Prada also has two leather belts, one with two zippered flat pockets for cash, credit cards or keys ( $ 252 ) and one with a small change purse ( $ 242 ).
  15. In Worcester alone, there used to be nearly a dozen five and dimes, and Ginsburg recalls how his father introduced him at age 8 to the nuances of the three-compartment plastic change purse.
  16. Despite its skimpiness, the suit goes for $ 39 . It wasn't as humiliating as some of the suits you see, which make it appear as if you're wearing a change purse.
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