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  1. His time at AFI culminated in a life-changing project.
  2. He worked in The Climate Change Project  India Chapter.
  3. Each Education for Change project is different, depending on local circumstances.
  4. Project Daniel is the second life-changing project that Not Impossible has unveiled.
  5. *June 7 : The South African Scout Association's climate change project is praised.
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  7. The initiative was part of the Ilam Climate Change Project, supported by the Marches Energy Agency.
  8. In 2007 the organisation encouraged people to plant trees in support of its overseas work on climate change projects.
  9. The event celebrates the " impact young people's social change projects have had on local communities ."
  10. Anderson interned at the Transgender Legal Defense Education Fund in New York City and worked on the Name Change Project.
  11. The company abides by the policies outlined in the Waikato Regional Council's Healthy Rivers : Plan for Change project.
  12. He said workers need to create or change projects so that they fit into the category of " wow !"
  13. Applications for the Turok name-change project can be made via the Web site www . mynameisturok . co . uk.
  14. The article had WP : SNOWBALL chances for survival because its content fits in the middle of an overheated climate change project.
  15. Dr . Frank Oldfield, director of the international Past Global Changes project in Bern, Switzerland, wrote in a commentary in Nature.
  16. This is a one-year fellowship program targeted at local leaders and entrepreneurs who manage an existing social change project in their region.
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