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  1. It presents a constantly changing programme of exhibitions and events.
  2. Since then, WNYJ-TV has changed programming on its station.
  3. During that appointment, she headed an organisational change programme.
  4. The gallery has a varied and changing programme of exhibitions throughout the year.
  5. In the time since the split both organisations have undergone significant change programmes.
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  7. It helps you write a compiler with less new or changed programming code.
  8. The Inspection of January 2008 indicated the change programme that was taking place.
  9. Seven Stories has a changing programme of exhibitions aimed at both children and adults.
  10. Two major internal change programmes are under way.
  11. If you change programming, you drive away the very audience you want to reach.
  12. It has a changing programme of exhibitions.
  13. The changing programme includes exhibitions, off-site projects and artist-led activities and courses.
  14. The industry hopes a serious effort at changing programming in line with the new findings prevents Congressional regulation.
  15. Radio and television stations there were asked to change programming to suit the day's somber mood.
  16. The museum also features a changing programme of temporary exhibitions and displays, events, walks and talks.
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