change process in a sentence

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  1. She said the Probate Court name-change process is cumbersome.
  2. Solution-focused therapists see the therapeutic change process quite differently.
  3. Rar醡uri utilizes valence changing processes that will most often transitivize verbs.
  4. They refer to the changed processes as " carbon neutral ".
  5. That will make the address change process quicker and easier.
  6. It's difficult to find change process in a sentence.
  7. The ( existing EU legislation ) is a changing process.
  8. I've just successfully completed the username change process !"
  9. Changing processes under the old system can be clunky.
  10. "What we're capturing is that changing process ."
  11. The internal change process is not to be underestimated,
  12. Attachment change processes in the early years of marriage.
  13. The first definition is to consider benefits management as an organisational change process.
  14. I change processes and make things work better.
  15. Which brings the change process back to education.
  16. Monge studies communication and knowledge networks, ecological theories, and organizational change processes.
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