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  1. How can one trust them, they change postures so frequently.
  2. Nathan also said the release of Wang reflects a changing posture by China.
  3. Essentially Machiavellian in approach, he could change postures to serve his end.
  4. Coco can change postures and its vestibular system allows it to have its eye ground level to see objects in a small radius.
  5. Wait a few seconds after they change posture-then mirror it . . . look at the other people and their poses-did the guy just change his mind and switch'body-language'teams?
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  7. This phantom can be used to simulate the movement of a worker involved in an occupational of nuclear accident scenario, allowing researchers to gain an understanding of the impact of changing posture in the course of worker movement on radiation dose.
  8. In an article in the October 1945 issue of " Ladies'Home Journal ", B . F . Skinner stated that clothing and bedding " interfere with normal exercise and growth and keep the baby from taking comfortable postures or changing posture during sleep ".

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