change my skin in a sentence

"change my skin" in Chinese  
  1. I fixed it by changing my skin to'Standard '.
  2. I was playing with my preferences and changed my skin to Chick.
  3. I'm unable to change my skin after I changed it to Simple.
  4. I have now changed my skin to Modern for at least the time being.
  5. However, after changing my skin to MonoBook and refreshing my cache, nothing happened.
  6. It's difficult to find change my skin in a sentence.
  7. I have not changed my skin, however-- I'm using Monobook.
  8. It lets me change my skin.
  9. It's not OK for a Caucasian to tell us to lighten our skin [ . . . ] I have never attempted to change my skin.
  10. OK . I've changed my skin from Monobook to Modern ( and I think I'll keep it, I prefer it to the old one ).
  11. Personally, I'd like to never be logged out ( as it changes my skin and adds an extra two pages before I can edit ), but 180 days was a nice compromise.
  12. The linked entry Battle of Bannockburn works OK . I have tried changing my skin preference to Classic and MySkin and Battle of Methven appears OK, but as Monobook is supposed to be the default this is hardly satisfactory.
  13. Secondly, when I try to move pages ( after changing my skin and setting the quickbar, etc ), Wiki keeps telling me I am logged out, though I am logged in and can make edits-what is wrong?
  14. I've had the same problem before-i think there's something wrong with the " my preferences " page when using that skin, because ( for me anyway ) once i changed my skin to chick, i became unable to access the " skins " tab of " my preferences ",
  15. I access wikipedia via my work machine, which is subject to all sorts of restrictions and can't access mediawiki . org, and my home machine which isn't restricted . i never changed my skin, so it's still classic i guess . anyway, my home machine still shows it, but my work machine all of a sudden shows wikipedia in kind of a flat text mode; no bars across the top with the views or my personal tools, no bar down the left with the navigation links, search, interaction links, toobox; instead they are all tacked onto the bottom of the page in a vertical set of plain text links . also, the navigation popup which used to show the beginning of the page content and links to the various views on mouseover a link doesn't work on the work machine, but still works at home . so . . did the css or something get moved over to another domain, like mediwiki ? is there any fix ? thanks . talk ) 00 : 45, 6 December 2008 ( UTC)

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