change my mind in a sentence

"change my mind" in Chinese  
  1. I often change my mind and have trouble sticking to a plan.
  2. This might be my last competition but I could change my mind,
  3. I reserve the right to change my mind in that 2 percent.
  4. There is nothing the president can say that will change my mind.
  5. Whitaker : Then after I met Sandy, I changed my mind.
  6. It's difficult to find change my mind in a sentence.
  7. I kind of changed my mind which you should never do.
  8. Six months or year from now, I may change my mind.
  9. But I had an experience that changed my mind this spring.
  10. Almost change my mind when I get into the waiting room.
  11. There is something he can do to change my mind, however.
  12. The tape did not make me change my mind about anything.
  13. I am the secretary of state; I can change my mind.
  14. I changed my mind and just got more comfortable with myself.
  15. Then several things came together at once to change my mind.
  16. I stand by that statement, but I can change my mind.
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