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  1. They use a machine-code instruction that causes the processor to change mode.
  2. The A630's design provides for continuity of a call even when changing modes.
  3. At the moment, they have changed modes from rebuilding to regressing.
  4. After pressing a command that requires an equation fragment, the program changes mode.
  5. Fashion has changing modes of adornment while anti-fashion has fixed modes of adornment.
  6. It's difficult to find change mode in a sentence.
  7. What's more, changing modes and selecting parameters can be cumbersome.
  8. One must change mode of breathing suitably at the time of initiating specific desired activity.
  9. Dth and Fm radio has changed mode of entertiainment.
  10. Changing modes, such as number lock, can make other input provided with a single keystroke.
  11. Buster Gears change mode by pressing the alternate button.
  12. In transshipment, transportation may or must go through intermediate nodes, possibly changing modes of transport.
  13. The Wii and Xbox 360 versions added the Boss Attack mode and the Dramatic Change Mode.
  14. Although the machine had to be rebooted to change modes, they could read each other's disks.
  15. Dramatic change mode allows one player to select two characters and switch between them at any time.
  16. In multi-change mode, submitting a category change or removal will " not " perform the edit immediately.
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