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  1. Hi My teacher is a very humble man even tho he has been Judged and promoted some of the other listed Masters on the list of Grand Masters of the sport and he has been on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with one of his student's Mrs Lucille " Killer " Thompson and you can see the footage on Youtube he Due to his Brother being a Founding Master and an actual creator of one of the forms he has become the Invisable Grand Master to the world : ( He is a Documented and verified Grand Master who has appeared in numerous photos with hia brother but in most of all the photos I have seen he goes uncredited he is now retired but living in Champaign IL . Grand Master Min Kyo Han 9th Dan an International original Master Instructor and International referee and Judge of Chung Do Kwan TaeKwonDo but because he is the just a couple of years younger than his brother one of the Founders of the Art it self and arguably one of the greatest competitors and teachers Grand Master Cha Kyo Han cited second only to Gen Choi he has been relegated to being a footnote on his Brothers wikipedia Page he is a contemporary of and has been friends with most of all the oldest still living Grand Master who immigrated to the U . S . after the war but is forgotten in the pages of Wikipedia and sadly when I saw the Articles on the web and People magazine of his 88 year old Black Belt student " Lucille Thompson " cited in the Guiness Book of Records he was her one and only instructor and is still invisable to history and in fact is the man you will see in the Carson video of her on YouTube holding the boards and adjusting and brick she is trying to break at 88 years old so anyone who can help me to list him here while he is yet alive I would greatly appreciate and help he and his brother both Created and Patented the Han Breathing methods . talk ) 02 : 43, 11 July 2013 ( UTC)
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