champagnes in a sentence

"champagnes" in Chinese  
  1. In the back, it was champagne and music and dope.
  2. Once Mattingly reached the clubhouse, there was no champagne waiting.
  3. Now, he's growing champagne grapes in his backyard.
  4. Most of them are proud of their particular style of champagne.
  5. Champagne is ready to be drunk when it's sold.
  6. It's difficult to find champagnes in a sentence.
  7. To come here and not to have a glass of Champagne?
  8. They said Champagne should forget the state law and grant probation.
  9. Which caused him to deliver a rather technical history of Champagne.
  10. Yet, the Rockets stand two victories away from drinking champagne.
  11. They had the plastic and the champagne on ice, too.
  12. The bottlers of Korbel champagne are offering a free help line.
  13. The ice long since has melted; the champagne is gone.
  14. Colossal served employees champagne and carrot cake in celebration on Thursday.
  15. Later, the attendant gave her a chilled bottle of champagne.
  16. A glass of champagne helped ease the sting of those memories.
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