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  1. The beer _ tart and light bodied, with a champagnelike effervescence _ delivers a ton of bright, luscious raspberry flavor in each corked and capped bottle.
  2. Our next adventure was to Champagne, an area off the beach south of Roseau where volcanic gases issue up from the rocky seabed, creating Champagnelike bubbles to delight swimmers.
  3. They're classic electro-poppers from the 1980s _ their brand of techno doesn't pummel and throb a la Chemical Brothers or Prodigy; it's more of a caress and a croon with champagnelike bubbling action.
  4. From its champagnelike lambics ( often flavored with cherries, raspberries or some other fruit ) to the hearty brown beers, from its delicate White Ales to the legendary Trappist beers, Belgium is both a brewer's kaleidoscope and a gastronome's paradise.
  5. Second choice was a sparkling wine-style drink, Inglenook St . Regis Reserve Alcohol Removed Champagne ( $ 4 at Beverages & amp; More ), one of the three in the tasting that are made with real wine stripped of its alcohol . ( The labels promise alcohol levels under 0.5 percent . ) One taster said the Inglenook has a " nice Champagnelike flavor, " but another found it " funky ."
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