champagne wine in a sentence

  1. It gives a better biological stability in champagne wines.
  2. This soil contributes to the lightness and finesse that is characteristic of Champagne wine.
  3. In his Crimean estate of Novyi Svet he built the first Russian factory of champagne wines.
  4. In the 19th century these obstacles were overcome, and the modern Champagne wine industry took form.
  5. Blending is the hallmark of Champagne wine, with most Champagnes being the assembled product of several vineyards and vintages.
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  7. The " liqueur de tirag " is then a mixture of sugar, yeast and still Champagne wine.
  8. The picturesque village stands above sloping vineyards and fields : 蓀ernay, the principal entrep魌 of the Champagne wines, is within walking distance.
  9. The New York office of the Champagne Wines Information Bureau, which represents champagne suppliers, says 300 million bottles are on their way to America.
  10. Rather, the element in Chardonnay that Champagne wine-makers look for is the finesse and balance of acidity that it brings to the blend.
  11. The " story " of Champagne wine was gradually re-told, effectively suppressing outdated and unfashionable ideas and images and promoting more desirable ones.
  12. Located at the northern edges of France, the history of the Champagne wine region has had a significant role in the development of this unique terroir.
  13. A turning point occurred when several Champagne wine makers abandoned efforts to produce red wine in favor of focusing on harnessing the effervescent nature of sparkling Champagne.
  14. The district is home to many industrial plants including the Yerevan Champagne Wines Factory, the Coca-Cola Bottlers Armenia Factory and the Pepsi Bottlers Armenia Factory.
  15. These grapes are still the primary grapes of Cava today though some producers are experimenting with the use of the Champagne wine grapes of Chardonnay and Pinot noir.
  16. William left St Victor in 1113 when he became bishop of Ch鈒ons-en-Champagne, in which time he took part in the dispute concerning Champagne wine region.
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