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  1. Each chamber must still give final approval to the compromise measure.
  2. The plaque was donated by the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Bill Walsh remains in the coaches'decompression chamber at Stanford.
  4. For Nguyen, the Chamber of Commerce delegation is smart business.
  5. "Firebrand of Venice " and collected chamber works.
  6. It's difficult to find chambers in a sentence.
  7. The teacher retired to her chambers and issued forth a decision.
  8. I keep trying to sell it to the Chamber of Commerce.
  9. The chamber should be checked annually for cracks and soot deposits.
  10. That was not the only sign of bias, Chambers said.
  11. Perhaps others had prearranged their training before Chambers made his request.
  12. They filled the House chamber to secretly conduct a mock session.
  13. Jose Luis Mastretta of the Monterrey Chamber of Commerce said Wednesday.
  15. Many of Lloyd Chambers'friends have fished on the ocean.
  16. Then he called the lawyers from both sides to his chambers.
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