chambermaids in a sentence

  1. No little containers of green eyeshadow to tip the Chinese chambermaid.
  2. The chambermaids and ski-lift attendants are being priced out.
  3. CHAMBERMAID : Jennifer Lopez does " The Nanny ."
  4. A chambermaid found Douglas Allen Woody's body Saturday morning.
  5. In the movie, the French actress plays a Turkish chambermaid.
  6. It's difficult to find chambermaids in a sentence.
  7. And she had a chambermaid, who was also very tall.
  8. _7 percent said the chambermaid walked in while they were undressed.
  9. Then came Elsie Parrish, a hotel chambermaid in Wenatchee.
  10. Sept . 4 : " The Chambermaid ."
  11. His wife, Thanpuying Tassimai, was a Royal chambermaid.
  12. Fuertes, a 24-year-old hotel chambermaid, said.
  13. However, he was in his hotel with one of the chambermaids.
  14. The novel presents itself as the diary of Mademoiselle chambermaid.
  15. _In Japan : You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid.
  16. So she also works weekends as a hotel chambermaid.
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