chambermaid on the titanic in a sentence

  1. "The Chambermaid on the Titanic . " ( Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  2. She's a chambermaid on the Titanic ( the film's original title ), she tells him.
  3. `The Chambermaid on the Titanic'
  4. "The Chambermaid on the Titanic " has great fun suggesting how how good stories tend to get " better " over time.
  5. This French production by Spanish director Bigas Luna was called " The Chambermaid on the Titanic " until a few weeks ago.
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  7. After checking into his hotel, he's approached by a dazzling woman named Marie ( Aitana Sanchez-Gijon ), who works as a chambermaid on the Titanic.
  8. ""'The Chambermaid on the Titanic " "'(, ) is a 1997 French-Italian-Spanish drama film directed by Bigas Luna, starring Oliver Martinez, Romane Bohringer and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon.
  9. The film's original title, " The Chambermaid on the Titanic, " was changed due to audience perception that it was a spoof of the James Cameron flick.
  10. The film's original title, " The Chambermaid on the Titanic, " was changed at the end of last week in time for its nationwide release on Friday.
  11. That is the profound notion explored by Bigas Luna's " The Chambermaid on the Titanic, " whose title misleadingly suggests a low-rent offshoot of James Cameron's blockbuster hit.
  12. VIDEO-MINIS _ Mini-reviews of new videos, including " SLC Punk " ( Grade : C + ) and " The Chambermaid on the Titanic " ( Grade : A-) . ( Murray, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  13. "The Chambermaid on the Titanic " ( unrated ) _ The lives of a French laborer ( Olivier Martinez ) and his wife ( Romane Bohringer ) change forever after his encounter with a chambermaid about to embark on the Titanic.

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