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  1. He has chaired the board of United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta.
  2. Webber chaired the Warrior debate team as soon as he arrived.
  3. He also chaired the parliamentary committee preparing a money laundering law.
  4. He chaired the economics department and held various other endowed chairs.
  5. DeConcini also chaired the Senate appropriations subcommittee overseeing Customs'budget.
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  7. At the time she chaired a state regulators'CRD panel.
  8. Thomas chaired the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from 1982 to 1990.
  9. In Georgia, Atlantan Juanita Baranco chaired the Board of Regents.
  10. One CCC activist has twice chaired county election committees for Lott.
  11. Leininger co-chaired Free PAC's dinner in October.
  12. It is chaired by Desh Deshpande, cofounder of Sycamore Networks.
  13. He chaired the league's broadcast committee for 31 years.
  14. Tuzman even participates in an economic panel chaired by President Clinton.
  15. Olson appeared before the governmental affairs committee, chaired by Lieberman.
  16. One council activist twice chaired a county election campaign for Lott.
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