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  1. We take in the view as a cerulean butterfly flits by.
  2. The original mural was water-based and painted cerulean blue.
  3. Most students in Cerulean attend Trigg County Public Schools in Cadiz.
  4. So much for the brook trout or the cerulean warbler.
  5. It's 7 in the morning and the heavens are cerulean.
  6. It's difficult to find cerulean in a sentence.
  7. Cerulean responded by tweaking its software to foil the block.
  8. Poets say it's a celestial sapphire, a cerulean orb.
  9. Cerulean spokesman Charlie Harman said Sunday night that he could not elaborate.
  10. Cerulean's board told WellPoint it has until Tuesday to respond.
  11. Cerulean shareholders approved the deal by a wide margin Jan . 30.
  12. He was a network security consultant at Integralis before founding Cerulean Studios.
  13. Botley is mostly cerulean in color with three buttons on his chest.
  14. A plain cerulean sky replaced the ornate dome of traditional theatre design.
  15. Cerulean makes wireless products for police and fire departments.
  16. Cerulean announced plans for a merger with WellPoint more than two years ago.
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