cerulean salt in a sentence

  1. A second album, " Cerulean Salt ", was released in March 2013 on Don Giovanni Records in the United States and four months later on Wichita Recordings in the U . K . The critically acclaimed album reached # 1 on the Official Record Store Chart in July 2013 and scored 8.4 on Tegan And Sara on their U . K . tour, before playing a headline U . K . tour in October that same year.
  2. In April 2012, Crutchfield began working on new material with boyfriend and Swearin'band member Keith Spencer : " I went to Alabama with my boyfriend and he kinda'played drums with me, and we sort of fleshed out everything and decided what needed drums, what didn t need drums, and reworked a lot of the songs I had . " Five months later, Crutchfield and Spencer began recording " Cerulean Salt ", alongside Swearin'members Kyle Gilbride and Allison Crutchfield : " We recorded it here at my house with Kyle [ Gilbride ].
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