cerulean blue in a sentence

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  1. Riccardo Hernandez's charming arcade of a set mixes royal gold with cerulean blue.
  2. It has a subtropical climate, beaches with pink sand, and cerulean blue ocean.
  3. Her eyes, kohl-rimmed and cerulean blue, peered out, pools of a haunted soul.
  4. Below, the flesh-and-concrete experiment known as Manhattan; above, the cerulean blue.
  5. It has a sub-tropical climate, pink beaches, and cerulean blue oceans.
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  7. Cobalt stannate is a tin compound which is used as a cerulean blue pigment.
  8. Bermuda's pink sand beaches and clear, cerulean blue ocean waters are popular with tourists.
  9. The original mural was water-based and painted cerulean blue.
  10. Some intense blue colors, including cobalt blue and cerulean blue, are made with cobalt compounds.
  11. We were to go back into our big drawings using cerulean blue, concentrating on square-foot sections.
  12. Small wall " telephone " niches have been painted cerulean blue and dotted with white stars.
  13. The sky was a cloudless, cerulean blue.
  14. Gingham and checks showed up on many of Jacobs'tops and dresses in both cerulean blue and orange-red.
  15. Pantone coordinates colors so that cerulean blue will be the same blue for printers, painters and yarn dyers.
  16. The novel has a sirenic ring, this fine novel opens on a cerulean blue morning'Adams First Wife'Reviewed by.
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