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  1. Certus brings enhanced RTL-level visibility to FPGA-based debugging.
  2. Improved approaches include tools like Certus from Tektronix or EXOSTIV from Exostiv Labs.
  3. She is a board member of Certus, a leading Policy Think Tank in Latvia.
  4. In 2000, he joined Certus, an Internet start-up, dedicated to making Internet shopping safe.
  5. The ability to view any combination of signals is unique to Certus and breaks through one of the most critical prototyping bottlenecks.
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  7. Above the pediment was a marble tableau illustrating the Society's motto Amicus certus in re incerta [ a certain friend in an uncertain event ].
  8. Above the pediment was a marble tableau illustrating the Society's motto " Amicus certus in re incerta " ( a certain friend in uncertain times ).
  9. ""'Prosipho certus " "'is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Buccinidae, the true whelks.
  10. ""'Atelopus certus " "'is a species of toad endangered, primarily due to the advancing wave of chytridiomycosis moving through Central America.
  11. Late in life, he received the Amicus Certus ( True Friend ) Award from Lutheran Social Services of Illinois and the Modern Samaritan Award from the Alexian Brothers Medical Center.
  12. The central figure in the statue group is the goddess of Peace and Plenty, holding a Latin motto " " Amicus certus in re incerta " " ( " A certain friend in uncertain times " ).
  13. In 1938 the company adopted the name " Certina ", taken from the Latin " certus ", meaning " assured ", " certain ", as their exclusive trademark for the export and marketing of their outstanding quality Swiss Made watches.
  14. Several of the species are important because they parasitize agricultural pests, such as the soybean aphid ( " aphelinus certus " ) or the Russian wheat aphid-" Diuraphis noxia "-( " A . albipodus"
  15. The seal comprised a central figure with plume and cornucopia, two subordinate figures, a castle and a rising sun . [ The Australian Imperial Forces in the Great War later adopted the Sun badge . ] At the foot of the statuary appeared the Society's motto : " Amicus Certus in Re Incerta ".
  16. It was in his role as president and chairman of Certus International, a publisher and developer of PC anti-virus and security software, that Tippett applied his research insights as a biochemist to the concept of computer " viruses " to develop the anti-virus software, " Vaccine, " which was later purchased by Symantec in 1992.
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