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  1. The institute's own English Language Centre offers a range of English language courses including English teacher training ( CertTESOL ).
  2. The "'Certificate in TESOL "'( CertTESOL ) is an accredited professional qualification awarded in the teaching of " English for speakers of other languages " ( ESOL ) by Trinity College London.
  3. CertTESOL ( Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ), issued by Trinity, and CELTA ( Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults ), issued by Cambridge, are the most widely taken and accepted qualifications for new teacher trainees.
  4. Teacher training qualifications offered include the Cambridge Certificate in General English Teaching to Adults ( CELTA ), Cambridge Diploma in General English Teaching to Adults ( DELTA ), and Trinity College Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ( CertTESOL ).
  5. Trinity College London has equivalent programs, the CertTESOL and the LTCL DipTESOL . They offer initial certificates in teaching, in which candidates are trained in language awareness and classroom techniques, and given a chance to practice teaching, after which feedback is reported.
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