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  1. There were 84 lower secondary students who attended school in Perly-Certoux.
  2. During the 2009-2010 school year there were a total of 594 students in the Perly-Certoux school system.
  3. In Perly-Certoux there were 84 students in kindergarten or primary school and 7 students were in the special, smaller classes.
  4. Of the population in the municipality 500 or about 18.0 % were born in Perly-Certoux and lived there in 2000.
  5. From there it was run west until leaving the country at Perly-Certoux, and entering France at Saint-Julien-en-Genevois.
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  7. About 19.8 % of the workforce coming into Perly-Certoux are coming from outside Switzerland, while 0.0 % of the locals commute out of Switzerland for work.
  8. After spending his youth career at FC Perly-Certoux, FC Saint-Jean GE and Servette, Moubandje settled his career at Meyrin, where he started his career at sixteen years old.

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