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  1. These immune system cells help to block the spread of cancers.
  2. In Texas, all newborns are screened for sickle cell anemia.
  3. Dr . Elizabeth Nabel said that the treatment spared healthy cells.
  4. He said he had no idea what jellyfish cells look like.
  5. Cell doors shut with a resonance that registers in our skulls.
  6. It's difficult to find cell in a sentence.
  7. The tiny cells were reserved for the most important political prisoners.
  8. He is probably the healthiest-looking inmate in the cell.
  9. Ercole has been kept in a separate cell for two months.
  10. The lack of jail cells is a problem across the state.
  11. But nothing happened when the cell was challenged with outside signals.
  12. Gilman then showed that the mutated cells lacked the transducer function.
  13. Solar cells have been made in various sizes over the years.
  14. Each of the operating cells relates directly to a leadership outside.
  15. Then you could expand those cells in vitro and freeze them.
  16. A man could save his sperm stem cells before the treatment.
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