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  1. Cell components and proteins in this image are not to scale.
  2. Lewy bodies appear as spherical masses that displace other cell components.
  3. This treatment enriches large macromolecular structures and discards smaller cell components.
  4. Long term battery operation requires chemical stability of all cell components.
  5. More recently, Luck focused on microtubules, hollow tubelike filaments found in certain cell components.
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  7. The remaining cells are then stained, with various colors being taken up by different cell components.
  8. CFD-ACE + has also been used to design and optimize the various fuel cell components and stacks.
  9. The defective gene blocks the production of a cell component necessary for the cones to function properly, Sharp said.
  10. The blanket of inert nitrogen gas that saturates the cell suspension and the homogenate offers protection against oxidation of cell components.
  11. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder in which patients produce an elevated quantity of antibodies that attack DNA and other cell components.
  12. Industrial applications include fine screens and meshes, apertures and masks, battery grids, fuel cell components, sensors, washers.
  13. Fractionation of components also takes place in column chromatography by a difference in affinity between cell components are separated by difference in mass.
  14. TRIzol works by maintaining RNA integrity during tissue homogenization, while at the same time disrupting and breaking down cells and cell components.
  15. He became interested in the brain-cell component, known as the NMDA receptor, suspected of being central to the memory mechanism.
  16. The cumulative heavy ion doses in space are low such that critical cells and cell components will receive only 0 or 1 particle traversal.
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