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  1. Counting the cell colonies is usually done under a microscope and is quite tedious.
  2. RNA inhibition techniques applied against NDSP decreased cellular proliferation and cancer cell colony formation.
  3. Defects in some cell colonies have already been reported.
  4. The result is that only about 78 cell colonies are available for federally funded research.
  5. Pipettes thinner than human hair suck up the cell colonies and transfer them to new containers.
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  7. In vitro studies look at how nanoparticles interact with specific cell colonies, typically of human origin.
  8. Br?s theory stems from his mathematical research on the Fractal growth of tumour cell colonies " in vitro ".
  9. Wisconsin researchers isolated some of the first embryonic stem cell colonies and now have five cell lines in hand.
  10. In one of the 14 cell colonies cultured, an extra chromosome had materialized in addition to the normal pairs.
  11. The stem cell colony was " immortal, " too, meaning that Thomson learned how to arrest their tendency to differentiate.
  12. The result, they report, was cell colonies that " appear identical to those produced from human bone marrow cells ."
  13. These services allow scientists to identify genetic abnormalities in cells or changes in stem cell colonies that might affect research results.
  14. U . S . health officials have identified the 64 embryonic stem cell colonies that researchers can use in government-funded studies.
  15. In 2001, Bush announced a position that permitted federally funded research on only a limited number of existing embryonic stem cell colonies.
  16. These three-dimensional cultures are usually grown in bioreactors, small capsules in which the cells can grow into spheroids, or 3D cell colonies.
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