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  1. Each line of cell code in the following table has one wikicode pipe.
  2. The second pipe character in a line of | " cell code " will not display; it is reserved for adding a format.
  3. Working off this design, researchers in Russia simulated the POPS design using Particle-in-cell code in 2009 . This reactor concept becomes increasingly efficient as the size of the device shrinks.
  4. The separate processing of information continues passed the primary sensory neurons into the electrosensory lateral-line lobe ( ELL ) where spherical cells relay phase or time information to higher centers and pyramidal cells code for amplitude information.
  5. Suppression of sharp wave / ripple complexes in sleep or during immobility can interfere with memories expressed at the level of the behavior, nonetheless, the newly formed CA1 place cell code can re-emerge even after a sleep with abolished sharp-wave / ripples in spatially non-demanding tasks.
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  7. It is noted that the lack of orientation effects to pitch stimuli for exogenous spatial cuing may be due to the connectivity of these structures, Spence and Driver note that while frontal and parietal cortical areas have inputs from cells coding both pitch and sound location, colliculus is only thought to be sensitive to pitches above 10 kHz, well above the ~ 350 Hz tones used in their study.
  8. Called the Kammhuber Line by the Allies, it was composed of a series of cells code-named " Himmelbett " ( four-poster bed ), each covering an area some 45 km wide and 30 km deep, and containing a radar, several searchlights, and a primary and backup night-fighter aircraft . This was relatively effective except when the sky was overcast.

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