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  1. PTPkappa mediates homophilic cell-cell aggregation via its extracellular domain.
  2. At the same time, there will be an upper threshold to prevent from cell aggregation for counting.
  3. When the drug was introduced, cell division stopped and colony formation resulted through cell-cell aggregation.
  4. The MAM domain, Ig domain and all four fibronectin III domain of PTPrho are necessary for cell-cell aggregation.
  5. Cell aggregation assays show that cell adhesion molecules, such as DSCAM, belonging to the immunoglobulin superfamily bind homophilically and specifically.
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  7. PTPrho does not bind to other subfamily members to mediate cell-cell aggregation, similar to other type R2B subfamily members.
  8. Cell aggregation occurs throughout microbiology, in bacteria, filamentous algae, fungi and yeast ( Lewin, 1984; Stratford, 1992 ).
  9. Results of this study demonstrated that cell colonies were formed through cell-division of the initial solitary S . Rosetta cell rather than by cell aggregation.
  10. There are several variations of the Oldroyd-B non-Newtonian model characterizing shear thinning behavior due to red blood cell aggregation and dispersion at low shear rate.
  11. The opportunistic bacteria " Pseudomonas aeruginosa " also uses quorum sensing to coordinate the formation of biofilms, swarming motility, exopolysaccharide production, and cell aggregation.
  12. Many of the mutations observed in cancer occur in the extracellular domain of PTPrho, suggesting that defective cell-cell aggregation may contribute to the tumorigenicity of these mutations.
  13. PTPmu protein expressed on the surface of cells is able to mediate binding between two cells, which results in the clustering of the cells, known as cell cell aggregation.
  14. Red blood cells with reduced deformability have increasing impedance to flow, leading to an increase in red blood cell aggregation and reduction in oxygen saturation which can lead to further complications.
  15. PTPkappa only mediates binding between cells expressing PTPkappa ( i . e . homophilic ), and will not mediate cell aggregation between cells expressing PTPkappa, PTPmu or PTPrho ( i . e . heterophilic ).
  16. This entrance length is estimated to be about the distance that the blood travels in a quarter of a second for blood where red blood cell aggregation is negligible and the vessel diameter is greater than about 20 micrometres.
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