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  1. Telomeres are now known to be the clock of cell aging,
  2. Guarente and his colleagues hypothesized several years ago to explain why cells age.
  3. It also marks a watershed advance in the long intractable subject of why human cells age.
  4. The study of why cells age has been something of a research backwater for many years.
  5. The key issue tackled by the ACT research has to do with the way living cells age.
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  7. He hoped to find a single mechanism that made cells age, despite the theorists'prediction of many ailments.
  8. However, the subject's cells age uncontrollably, so Holliston uses the highly addictive drug methotrexate to counter the effect.
  9. Shay said the telomere, in effect, acts as a biological clock that stops cell division and causes cell aging.
  10. At Michigan, Villeponteau mostly worked on human gene regulation Villeponteau also studied human cell aging using senescent human cells.
  11. Scientifically, Sudarshan Kriya improves antioxidant status at the enzyme and the gene level and reduce DNA damage and cell aging.
  12. Stambrook noted, however, that the chromosome deletion mutation seems to increase in frequency as a colony of stem cells ages.
  13. Ceramide mediates many cell-stress responses, including the regulation of programmed cell death ( apoptosis ) and cell aging ( senescence ).
  14. Geron _ named after the Greek word for old man _ set out to prove a theory about why cells age.
  15. With fundamental discoveries like this, we can understand and begin to manipulate mechanisms which control cell aging and contribute to age-related diseases,
  16. Basal and wing cells migrate to the anterior of the cornea, while squamous cells age and slough off into the tear film.
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