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  1. It is involved in cell adhesion, tissues of an organism.
  2. Cell adhesion is also essential for the pathogenesis of infectious organisms.
  3. Receptor CD44 participates in cell adhesion interactions required by tumor cells.
  4. Selectins are part of the broader family of cell adhesion molecules.
  5. These interactions promote cell adhesion and regulation of signal transduction.
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  7. Surface modification can also affect properties that promote cell adhesion.
  8. This is vital for processes such as cell adhesion and cell migration.
  9. Also, the silk's structure promotes cell adhesion and migration.
  10. This interaction is shown to have the potential to modify cell adhesion.
  11. Latrophilins may function in both cell adhesion and signal transduction.
  12. IGFBP7 is also involved in the stimulation of cell adhesion.
  13. Cell adhesion is a vital component of the body.
  14. It selectively binds to carcinoembryonic cell adhesion molecule 5.
  15. His work emphasizes the roles of glycoconjugates in cell adhesion and cell signaling.
  16. These neural cadherin-like cell adhesion proteins are integral plasma membrane proteins.
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