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  1. For example, HIV's Tat, has been demonstrated to suppress T cell activity.
  2. Some sequestered tissues _ like brain cells _ remain vulnerable to immune-cell activity.
  3. bHLH transcription factors are often important in development or cell activity.
  4. Acquired HLH may have decreased, normal, or increased NK cell activity.
  5. Schwann cell activity includes recruitment of macrophages to the injury site.
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  7. The stimulus for auto-antibody production in ITP is probably abnormal T cell activity.
  8. The base of the Y plays a role in modulating immune cell activity.
  9. In the interview, Feinstein would not discuss what evidence she had of cell activity.
  10. Intra-cell activities like checking cells, moving gaster and self-grooming were all-indicative of younger workers.
  11. The recordings showed cell activity was catalyzed from ganglion cells.
  12. Overcoming this limitation is possible using agents that transiently suppress regulatory T cell activity.
  13. DACH1 also has other functions related to cell activity.
  14. Agents could block the protein and normalize cell activity.
  15. Before Falli and Maffei, retinal ganglion cell activity had never been recorded during prenatal development.
  16. Sleeping pills work by damping down nerve cell activity.
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