cell ablation in a sentence

  1. In cell ablation, individual cells in a population or culture are destroyed or removed.
  2. The developmental equivalence of these cells is usually established via transplantation and cell ablation experiments.
  3. :Also I'm having trouble understanding selective M and E cell ablation experiments.
  4. As genetic ablation may lead to cell ablation, it can be used as a synonymous term at appropriate times.
  5. As genetic ablation may lead to Cell ablation, it can be used as a synonymous term at appropriate times.
  6. It's difficult to find cell ablation in a sentence.
  7. Modifying a technique invented by a National Cancer Institute colleague, Nakanishi has applied cell ablation to the study of neuroscience.
  8. Cell ablation can also be used as a tool to produce transgenic organisms lacking a cell type and as a cure for certain disorders such as cancer and leukemia.
  9. In Nakanishi's version of cell ablation, he is able to eliminate specific nerve cell types one at a time, which aids in the study of brain function, dysfunction and compensation.
  10. "' Cell ablation "'( also known as "'tissue ablation "') is a biotechnological tool for studying cell lineage and / or function and is a form of ablation.

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