celje castle in a sentence

  1. Celje Castle is visited by approximately 60, 000 people every year.
  2. Celje Castle was not only the most important castle in Slovenia, but in the entire eastern Alps.
  3. He used some elements from the old Celje Castle for its construction, causing further deterioration of this important historical site.
  4. The Celje tourist board holds an event entitled " " Pod zvezdami Celjanov " " ( " Under the stars of Celje " ) at Celje Castle in late summer every year, which features performances and representations of life in the Middle Ages.
  5. "' Hermann of Cilli "'( 1383 13 December 1421 ), also known as Armand de Cilli, or " Herniosus mit dem Bruche " ( " Herniosus with the rupture " ), was born in Hermann II of Celje, of the family of the Counts of Cilli and Sanneck, whose family seat was in Celje Castle ( Burg Obercilli, now in Slovenia ).
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