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  1. Jose Antonio Celiz, 21, said accidents were rare.
  2. Ms . Celiz hasn't said how much compensation she expects.
  3. Celiz said, " if you don't know who you're playing with ."
  4. Celiz made his debut in the Descentralizado in the First Round of the 2011 season away to Alianza Lima.
  5. In her statement of claim, Ms . Celiz said the sentence was " far too light ."
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  7. Ms . Celiz was employed by Mrs . Tan from December 1991 to Feb . 1 1994 when she fled after the beatings.
  8. Although well educated, Ms . Celiz says she was persuaded by her friends to work in Singapore, where the salaries are higher than back home.
  9. She took refuge at the Philippine Embassy, which helped find her another job where Ms . Celiz says he is treated like a daughter of the family.
  10. "' Robby Cruz Celiz "'( born September 7, 1988 ) is a Filipino professional basketball player for the Alab Pilipinas of the ASEAN Basketball League ( ABL ).
  11. Tan, 45, pleaded guilty to charges of poking Ms . Celiz in the eyes with a rattan cane, beating her repeatedly on her behind with a bamboo stick and pinching her nose.
  12. Edwina Celiz, 25, is seeking aggravated damages from Mrs . Tan Sook Yee, who was sentenced in November 1994 to a day's jail and 1, 000 Singapore dollar ( dlrs 714 ) fine, the New Paper said.

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