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  1. And enough feathers to furnish a Cecil B . DeMille movie.
  2. At Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, the Reds had Cecil Jackson.
  3. "Never have had one, " said Cecil.
  4. You insist that someone else run the bases for Cecil Fielder.
  5. He's a lot like Cecil Fielder in that respect.
  6. It's difficult to find cecil in a sentence.
  7. Dave Winfield, Cecil Fielder, Eddie Murray, Kirby Puckett.
  8. Just three years ago, Cecil was in the Pro Bowl.
  9. Cecil B . De Mille Award for Lifetime Achievement : Sean Connery
  10. And then I remembered the poem written by Cecil Frances Alexander.
  11. Tom Cecil met Erma Bombeck on Interstate Highway 75 in Florida.
  12. Cecil Fielder contributed four hits to a 16-hit barrage.
  13. Cecil came from a dirt-poor family in West Virginia.
  14. The second scored as Cecil Fielder hit into a double play.
  15. We used our farm system to make a trade for Cecil.
  16. Cecil Fielder rode up the route with his video camera whirring.
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